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Nerds Dark Seer

Dark Seer
Offlane Core
Updated: 3/9/23, 4:50 PMPatch 7.32e
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Dark Seer in an intelligence utility core hero who excells at teamfighting and resetting fights, as well as surviving in a tough circumstances.

Historically his best lane is offlane. He is tanky enough to survive with his starting stats, his Ion Shell allowes him to pressure enemy lane and safely farm jungle and even if enemy will be able to catch him, Dark Seer is most likely to get away with Surge. He usually buys all the utility-tank items, but his most important item is Helm of the Dominator that enables his farm and gives him a possibility to combo Vacuum with a neutral's ability (usually Centaur's stun).

Starting Items

Skill Build

350 AoE Surge
+2 Ion Shell Charges
+50 Ion Shell Damage
-40s Wall of Replica Cooldown
Ion Shell Provides +250 Max Health
+100 Vacuum AoE
+50 Ion Shell Radius
+20% Wall of Replica Illusion Damage
Skill Build Timeline

Main Build

Early Items
Situational Early
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Order swaps
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Build Timeline

Lategame Items

Neutral Items

Other significant items


Spells Tooltips

350 AoE Surge

Turns you into fight-resetter since you can make your whole team surged and retreat without losing anyone to reposition and regroup

Items Tooltips

Initiation item to perform all your sick combos

Natural Hood upgrade, works well against magic heavy lineups

The best utility item you can buy for any intelligence utility hero. Additional reliable lockdown and overall awesome stats

Works well as cheap lockdown/purge/save, especially good against heroes like Kunkka or Juggernaut

Against slows or lockdowns, like Riki, Slark. Even if you're not afraid of them, you can use if to help your teammates

If your teamfights go well, enemy has some good illusions and you feel like you're pretty good with your Wall of Replica usage, you can get Aghs to amplify your teamfights impact.

May be good as an utility/armor item, but it's not great in a sence that Dark Seer doesn't really need all these bonuses and he acts more like a backline caster

Works well against attack speed heavy lineups and even better against low attack speed ones. Usually it's more of a luxury item that you pick up to increase your teamfight impact when you don't really need anything else

You don't really need it, but it can be OK against Doom

Usually good against high attack speed cores, mainly physical damage lineup or summons. Best examples are Visage, Windranger, Troll, Luna


Dark Seer is naturally pretty tanky, so if you feel like enemies are focusing you a lot, or you just need a bit more armor, you can get it

May be fine for snowballing and showing enemies who's the daddy here

Dark Seer's main farming/fighting item. Your best creep to dominate is Centaur. It's recommended to setup your Tabbing, Select All Units and control groups hotkeys. Can be skipped in fast games to get faster Greaves. Uses: ) Combo Vacuum with Centaur's stun or Ursa's Clap ) Ion Shell dominated creep and farm enemy jungle while farming the lane ) Ion Shell dominated creep and constantly pull creepwaves from enemy tier 3

Considering Dark Seer's HP regen, with Soul Ring you will be able to cast Ion Shells on lane pretty much for free

Additional mana sustain for farming and to ensure you will have enough mana for everything

Great pickup against enemy silences or other not-that-kind type of debuffs that can interrupt you during fights or get your teammate killed

One of the best and core items for Dark Seer. You can get it relatively fast, it gives you overall good stats for your hero and makes your team stronger which is all you may want. You can rush Greaves to get lower cooldown and fight more often, as well as keep your team ready to fight all the time

Natural upgrade for Vanguard and great item overall: helps your team, gives you HP and armor