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Nerds Treant Protector

Treant Protector
Offlane Support
Hard Support
Updated: 4/6/24, 6:01 PMPatch 7.35dAuthor: Leamare
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Treant Protector is Strength support hero. He is good at pressuring during laning stage (with a good laning partner), scouting while roaming around enemy territory and being unspotted, giving allies a lot of information, while also resetting teamfights, saving allies and being threat at any stage of the game.

This build is based on Immortal rank support Treant matches.

Starting Items

Skill Build

450 AoE Living Armor
-35s Overgrowth Cooldown
+45 Leech Seed Damage/Heal
+8 Living Armor Bonus Armor
+25 Nature's Grasp Damage
+18% Leech Seed Movement Slow
-4s Nature's Grasp Cooldown
+2 Living Armor Heal Per Second
Skill Build Timeline

Main Build

Lategame Items
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Build Timeline

Lategame Items

Neutral Items


Spells Tooltips

Leech Seed

Strong slow + heal + damage spell for early brawling. As you get level 2 you will be able to kill somebody on your lane with your laning buddy. Try to max it out first to maximize your hero damage and kill potential early on.

Living Armor

Even while it's Treant's sinature ability, your main purpose early on is to dominate the lane. For that you need to max other spells to maximize kill potential and snowball.

Nature's Guise

Skill it to be annoying piece of tree. Be invisible, wait for a moment and then start attacking target with lower amount of regen to bully it out of lane. Root after hit should buy you some time to get additional one-two hits early on. Later into the game try to run around enemy jungle while being invisible, place wards and scout. Try to not show on the map. When you have blink - try to initiate with root from invisibility.

+18% Leech Seed Movement Slow

It's helpful against lineups that are effective at destroying trees or to limit enemy vision. Both talents are good, choose depending on situation and your playstyle.

Items Tooltips

Your most important item. You may skip Meteor Hammer, but you need to get Blink no matter what. With it you will be able to actually use your ultimate properly, but also use root from your passive (walk around trees - blink - instantly hit while effect is still active)


For dewarding while scouting

Additional strong aura for your team if nobody else is going to buy it and you're going to finish early anyway

For magic heavy lineups

Pretty good stats overall (HP, mana regen, armor) and one of the best items to get on a position 4 support

Better continuation of utility theme: additional reliable disable that won't be hard to farm once you have scepter or hammer

Movement speed and mana regen are nice, it may help you with scouting or playing against silences/Kunkka or something similar

Additional save (against heroes like Monkey King, Riki and so on), can be used as initiation tool as well

Awesome upgrade which allowes you to place vision nearly everywhere. Your main goal is to scout as agressively as possible. In that case you will be able to pressure lanes (meteor hammer) and place vision (aghs). Another thing to note - it helps with successful ultimate uses while also denying enemy farm and giving money to you. Try to get it if you have enough money and space

Works well with Overgrowth (and scepter). Can be used for both fighting and farming, depending on what you need from it

Nice pickup if your team doesn't have any AC carriers and you need armor or struggle to push

Another utility way upgrade: useful aura, nuke and additional crowd control after Overgrowth

May help you early on to keep up with your mana usage, but it may be a bit too much in terms of your money


Another item to pick up if you have starting money left is OoV. It will increase your damage output a little bit and will add a little bit more kill potential to what you already have

High movement speed bonus to be able to run from tree to tree around and scout

Use it to either farm every creepwave without leaving invisibility and to constantly pressure lanes OR to add additional stun on top of your roots while enemy is disabled

For purging debuffs from allies in case you can afford it

A little bit of extra armor to make your ally or yourself a bit tankier or to deal with enemy armor/evasion

Additional cooldown reduction, works well with aghs-refresher theme for both farming and fighting

Natural upgrade to urn. The best item to get for a position 4 support, awesome stats for Treant specifically (HP, movement speed) and pretty good for continuing magic damage and utility theme of the hero