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Updated: 3/9/23, 5:38 PMPatch 7.32e
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Visage is summons-based intelligence hero. He is relying a lot on his summons (familliars) and experience, while also being able to deal a lot of physical damage, split push and destroy buildings really quickly.

Starting Items

Skill Build

+1 Familiar
Gravekeeper's Cloak grants +10 Armor
+20 Visage and Familiars Movement Speed
+20 Soul Assumption Damage Per Charge
Soul Assumption Hits 2 Targets
+1 Armor Corruption to Visage and Familiars
+6 Visage and Familiars Attack Damage
-3s Grave Chill Cooldown
Skill Build Timeline

Main Build

Situational Early
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Order swaps
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Build Timeline

Lategame Items

Neutral Items

Other significant items


Spells Tooltips

Grave Chill

Our main kill-potential spell. It's not only a slow, but also an attack speed buff for us and our familliars. It's also a good way to escape ganks.

Soul Assumption

Our another killing/finishing up spell. It's generally not a good idea to not skill this, but for a core Visage it won't be a problem to get a bunch of levels. Early on it won't be that useful with higher levels, so it's better to leave as level 1 skill until later point.

Summon Familiars

Visage is not actually a hero and without familliars he's almost completely useless. Don't be afraid to lose your bird if you will get something for it. More important is will you have resummon after you lose your familliars. And, ofc, avoid resummoning if you're close to aghs or lvl 12/18.

Gravekeeper's Cloak

Max Gravekeeper's Cloak as early as possible. This will allow our familliars to live longer in fights, which looks much more important.

Soul Assumption Hits 2 Targets

It's good when you're dominating and won't be able to get that much benefit from XP talent.

Gravekeeper's Cloak grants +10 Armor

Good in cases when you have aghs slot and play more like a tank than damage dealer.

+1 Familiar

Better in almost every case. 4 familliars with aghs or "free slot" to buy something instead of aghs. In both cases this talent helps much more than cloak upgrade.

Items Tooltips

Awesome for saving birds vs high magic damage aoe lineups

Another useful choice, mostly for cases when you need lockdown against BKB carrier or another disable for team.

With new lvl 25 talent it's not as required as it used to be, but it still very good item for both offensive (additional familliar as damage) and defensive (additional stun and stats) purposes

Our general tool (after medallion-aghs) to amplify tankiness, tower damage, help our team with aura and just kill things faster.

If you arenot going to pick up AC, it's probably another choice for you. Altho, while we want to get AC tight after aghs, shiva's will be our very last slot to get.

Offensive choice. No lockdown, but increases our -armor potential and damage vs towers. I pick it up mostly in cases when the game is already won.

Buff your summons with attack speed, additional mobility for yourself

One of the best ways for us to amplify our damage wth familliars. Also solves mana regen issues

Cheap alternative for Bloodthorn or Sheepstick. Pretty cheap, gives Visage additional lockdown and tankiness

Casual boots upgrade if you feel like you need additional mobility and regen

And another one glimmer cape alternative, but this one is more like team-oriented and used only for it's purging part.

Use it on summoned catapult or familliar while pushing to instantly melt towers.

Powerful aura and a lot of sustain. Usually you tend to not upgrade your boots as Visage for a long time, and Greaves work well with all this "early pressure" playstyle

One blight stone goes into medallion, another one just lies in our inventory to provide another -2 armor. Pretty useful, cheap, can be upgraded into deso later.


Against Tidehunter, Bristleback, Antimage aghs or if you need some kind of repositioning item

Perfect offensive item: crit, silence, attackspeed. a lot of damage.

Often you will be focused, so you won't survive and graekeeper's cloak won't help you. Glimmer Cape is actually pretty good at saving teammates or yourself, so it can be pretty good choice sometimes.

Against burst initiators and long disables (Faceless Void, Axe, Magnus)


Another defensive choice. Good stats, attack range, mobility. Altho, most of the time you won't need it.